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    A Brighter Future.







  • Who We Are

    We are young, progressive-minded residents of Mecklenburg County,

    using our time and talents to create a better future for

    our county, our state, and our nation.

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    Our Motivation

    When folks say that young people are the “next generation of leadership,” it assumes that we aren't leaders right now. As Young Democrats, we have the new ideas and fresh perspectives that can take Mecklenburg County in the right direction. 


    Join us as we lead our county into the future.

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    Our Values

    Our values determine our actions. While there are important issues to Democrats, our organization must have a precise focus on the issues that impact young people most, including the ability to:

    • Graduate with solid job prospects, not excessive student loan debt

    • Serve their communities while earning a decent living, particularly as teachers

    • Build thriving families based on love, not on outdated views of gender and sexuality

    • Live in a vibrant Mecklenburg County that embraces all cultures and backgrounds

    Our Board


    Vonnie Brown
    1st Vice Chair
    Kevin Poirier

    2nd Vice Chair
    Drew Kromer
    3rd Vice Chair
    Jonathan Peebles

    Tamara Hudspeth
    Jefferson Edwards
  • Make Sure You Can Vote.

    Need to register to vote? Changed addresses recently? Want to register your friends?


    Click below to download a voter registration form. Once complete, simply mail it to or drop it off at your local Board of Elections. These forms can be used to register or update your existing registration.


    For more information, please visit ncsbe.gov or meckboe.org.

  • Our Plan

    We want to move Mecklenburg County forward. 

    Here's how.

    Educating, Registering and Mobilizing Young Voters

    The new voter suppression law was made to lower turnout among groups like young people. We must seek out potential young voters, provide them with the knowledge to navigate the voting process, and rally them to the polls. Building on the work of our voter education group from earlier this year, our organization can educate, register, and mobilize young voters by:

    • Targeting schools and events in the county that have many potential young voters

    • Leading the effort to develop a voting guide, with specific requirements that candidates speak to issues affecting young people

    • Partnering with growing immigrant communities (and developing relationships with community leaders) to develop native-language election literature, particularly in Spanish

    • Using past voter data to target potential young voters at the individual level

    • Revamping our website into a convenient space for voting-related information

    Growing Our Membership by Building Relationships

    Our organization cannot simply be a random gathering of people. Instead, we must interact with young people in our county person by person, building relationships instead of simply filling seats. We can deepen our interpersonal relationships throughout our organization by:

    • Maintaining contact with members and potential members throughout the year

    • Attending and partnering with other active young professional organizations in developing community events

    • Organizing college campuses and unorganized precincts using young talent

    • Planning successful events, including the Gantt-Watt reception and a YD Field Day

    Fostering the Next Generation of Leadership

    Our organization is uniquely positioned to serve as a training ground for Mecklenburg County’s future leaders. We must actively seek out young people who want to serve and foster their leadership skills once here. We can develop our young talent by:

    • Developing mentorship relationships among members and young elected officials

    • Strengthening leadership and campaign staffing skills through training opportunities

    • Recruiting Young Democrats to serve in party, civic, grassroots, and elected positions

    • Maintaining a list of members interested in running for office in the future

    Providing Multiple Outlets for Our Members’ Talents

    While all of us value progress, we all contribute in different ways. Our goal as an organization should be to have various ways for people to get involved – even if that involves challenging the traditional political models. We can ensure a variety of opportunities to serve by:

    • Engaging in action-oriented events, rather than depending solely on general meetings

    • Increasing the number of community service opportunities

    • Discussing personal strengths with our members and directing talent to appropriate fields

    • Assembling groups of people to accomplish the various actions in this Plan

    Defining Success

    Over the next year, we hope to achieve the following measurable indicators of success:

    • Increasing young voter turnout in Mecklenburg County, when compared to 2010
    • Organizing each college campus and precinct where our members live
    • Growing our membership into the largest county chapter in the state

    Although not as easily measured, we also hope to achieve success in the following ways:

    • Electing Democratic candidates that speak to the issues of young people
    • Engaging more young people in Mecklenburg County’s political process
    • Fostering an organization that impacts and remains relevant in the lives of young people
    • Serving as a positive example of what a Democratic organization should be
  • Mark your calendar!

    candidate cookout


    You are invited to the Candidate Cookout hosted by the Young Democrats of Mecklenburg County!

    Come out and get to know the candidates running for their respective districts.

    Snacks and refreshments will be provided! ...
    Hope to see you there!

    Please join us in the park at 5500 Executive Center Dr, Charlotte, NC 28212.


    *Sponsored by Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County, African American Caucus of Mecklenburg county, LGBT Democrats of Mecklenburg County, and Mecklenburg County Democratic Party.*


                                date: SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2017

     time: 10AM-12pm

                                                                                           LOCATION: 5500 Executive Center Dr, Charlotte, NC 28212


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